Moving day – but not for me (yet) …

As I sit on my bed in cold Aberdeen, all I think is “how the bloody hell do I start this blog?”.

A severe case of first blog nerves? I think so.

Let’s start with the basics about me: Scottish, 23, events management graduate, full timer, renting, long distance runner, love a fly cup and an all-round goof.

It feels every time I do a scroll through Instagram or Facebook, I’m greeted with at least one “moving day *excited emoji*” first home post by people my age and sometimes younger. Rage sets in and I think “why is that not me?” – the answer – savings.

Savings – that small seven letter word that mumbled about in so many sentences by mother goose for the majority of my teenage years, now suddenly has a meaning. As much as I hate to admit it – goose, you might have been right.

The thought of the money I could have saved when I was living at home rent free makes me wish I had a Time Turner (big Harry Potter fan) to travel back and grab that missed opportunity.  However, in true me style I chose to live a life like Kim K (well close) living the high life, partying, eating out, buying clothes and draining money by the minute.

The reality is, I need to save. I want stairs I can trip on, walls I’m allowed to hang pictures, a garden to avoid in summer because of hay fever, even a nosy neighbour to take the bin out on bin day just to snoop around.

I want a house. Where each room will be decorated by me and the GF – our own style, lived in, cooked in and chilled in by us.

The solution? Save like there is no tomorrow. Negativity clouds over: “boo, saving is such a snore fest”. Positivity retaliates: “But it doesn’t have to be”.

If I’m going to save every penny, I’d be as well enjoying it right? This brings me to the reason I’m writing this blog (that’s if I haven’t lost you at the title).

I enjoy writing – embrace a quirky style, include more information than needed and probably don’t use the correct grammar, but I enjoy it. So to make the saving process more bearable, I’m going to invest my spare time into blogging.

Despite having next to no savings, I’ve always been stingy. Saving on the essentials to spend more money on the unnecessary, but that period is now securely locked away.

Notorious for my eight pound a week food shop (yes you read that right), I’ll blog on recipes to get the most out of your food shop along with up-cycling bits of tat and enjoying weekends without spending a fortune. I aim to offer pointers to make your money go further so that you can save that little bit more. I’ll also post on general things that I feel are blog worthy.

In a nut shell; I have zilch savings, I want savings, I need a house, stay tuned, keep reading and I could save you money. Follow me on social media and subscribe to my mailing list to be ahead of the pack.


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