Autumn feels

The leaves are falling, the temperature is lowering (even in Scotland) and the nights are drawing in – Autumn has landed.

The month where it’s acceptable to times your daily tea intake by five, jump straight into your comfys* the minute you get in from work and break out the thick knits to get into your ultimate zen cocoon.

Comfys noun: Jammies, joggers or what you deem to be comfortable to relax in at home.

Autumn is the shizz (is shizz still a thing? Well it is now) and humps all the other seasons by far. There is so much to look forward to in Autumn and I’ve whittled down my top five things that will keep me busy.

1. Get in those steps

Get your head in the game folks, it’s time to dive into the back of the cupboard to hall out that thick jacket you bought in the Christmas sales last year – you now have the weather to wear it. It’s time to wrap up and head outdoors.

Adventuring through the woods, trotting up the street or strolling through the park, whatever your poison, any route will boast true autumn vibes as you take in the crisp autumn air with the smell of smoking chimneys and treading through fallen crunchy leaves.

If you’re in Aberdeen, Duthie Park or down the cobbles of old Aberdeen are your go to’s for an Autumnal walk. Add in a pitstop for brunch, lunch or late lunch at Foodstory for a hearty bowl of soup to finish off that walk right.

2. Eyes down

I’ve never considered myself a bookworm, I have an overly active imagination that makes reading a simple sentence a task. Put it this way, I’m still on chapter thirteen for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (I know, shocking).

I have a mind like Dory the fish, rather than focusing on the sentences in front of me, I’m miles away thinking of what I need to get in the next days food shop.

But this year I’ve cracked it – non-fiction is my thing. Whether it be self-help or a book about getting the feng chui right, a ‘real life’ topic that I can relate to seems to lock me in completely.

So, find your calling and get stocked up on some good books to get yourself completely lost on your autumn hours indoor.

3. Eyes front

If books are really not your thing then you need to get yourself on a series binge.

Unlike Summer, Autumn is the month where you don’t have to feel bad about shutting yourself indoors away from daylight to watch TV – in your face parents of the world, in your face!

I love a good TV series but I find it near impossible to watch everything in the spring and summer months when there’s so much going on *strikes damsel in distress pose*. Autumn is the time to get caught up.

The best show to hit our screens in Autumn, hands down – Stranger things (sorry Blue Planet). Series 2 started at the weekend taking us back to 80s fashion, questionable haircuts and supernatural goings on. If you’re not watching it yet, what are you doing with your life? Finish this reading this blog (leaving now would just be rude) and get locked in.

The fun doesn’t end there, once Stranger Things is completed I have series 3-6 of Game of Thrones along with Power Making a Murderer, Sons of Anarchy, How to get away with murder to catch up on (yeah that’s right – it’s not just Harry Potter I’m miles behind on).

4. Kaboom

Aberdeen is usually criticised for being dull but there are so many events and attractions in the city to shout about. One of these is the annual fireworks display at the beach.

This is definitely the best fireworks display that I have ever seen. Now that I live closer to the beach, I have such a cooshty deal*, no longer do I have to do a thirty minute walk down to the beach in a sea of people and stand freezing waiting for the display to start. This year I can stroll out of my flat five minutes before the start and be back indoors minutes after the finish.

Cooshty deal adjective : A situation when everything falls into place and you luck out – a.k.a an easy ride.

After the display, I’m having the mob* round to partake in some soup slurping, hot dog scoffing and pizza noshing – ending the night in true bonfire style. I would make mulled cider but in the words of Sweet Brown “Ain’t nobody got time for that!”.

Mob adjective : The collective name for my group of friends. Similar to the blazing squad, there’s ten of us and that’s waaaay too many names to type.

5. A bit of nip and tuck

That tattie arm chair still sitting with a sheet over it? Coffee table needing a new lick of paint? Or those stools you promised would be recovered by now are still untouched (sorry Mason, they really are coming) – Autumn is your time for up-cycling.

As always I have a lot of projects on my to do list, but this is the best time when you’re hiding indoors away from the dark, cold nights.

Just to add more to my list, I’m going to be busy creating ‘How to’ blogs on my past and future projects to help any budding up-cycler to tackle their projects. I’m self taught and blag my way through my projects, you can too. In the meantime, take a read of my previous up-cycling blog.

Now that’s what I’m up to this Autumn – but first, I need to get back to Stranger Things and see what those pesky Demogorgons are up to.


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