The re-brand

You might have noticed a slight change to the blog name – so what’s it all about?

Practically a year on from deciding to promote my blog through my own social media accounts, the only regret I have is that I wish I just done that from the get go. Blogging is part of my brand and I’m glad that now I can post from one account for friends, family and followers.

When I say the term ‘brand’ you’ll most likely think of the big wigs that fill our high streets but I’m not on about those well known corporations, I’m talking about your brand.

You don’t have to be a dominating chain like McDonald’s with its golden arches or a multi-coloured global network like Google to be a brand – everyone has one.

Your brand is in the patterns you wear, the way you speak, the films you are glued to and the pictures you hang on your bedroom wall – the most important thing in your brand is YOU. Your choice, your interests, your way – that’s what your brand is all about and that’s how it should be.

With all brands comes re-brands, and mine is in the form of a new blog name – Cfrasisms (plural). No I haven’t just dropped an apple on the keyboard, Cfrasisms is indeed correct and here’s the background for you.

Since starting my blog, the names that I chose just didn’t feel right especially once merged with my personal accounts. My blog is an element of me and what I needed was a name to sum up me and all the content I find worthy of posting.

For those who know me, I use words that make sense to me but can’t be found in the dictionary, give off the wall outlooks on situations, have spontaneous outbursts of song and actively adopt accents from around the world – the list goes on.

The above are examples of just a few personality traits which some would describe each as a characterism of me – but for me, I depict as ‘Cfrasisms’ which encompasses all my varied quirks in one phrase and speaks true to my brand. 

Cfrasisms is where you’ll discover my likes, dislikes and blog worthy content all in one place. Reviews, opinions, recipes, wellbeing, fitness, upcycling – the lot – you’ll find them under one overarching brand of things that I care about. Make sense now? 

So that’s it and I welcome you to have a look at your brand to make sure that it’s true to you. Whether you want that freak flag flying high for the world to see, or low for just you – it’s your choice, your life so do what makes you happy.

Your brand is what you make it, and no one can tell you otherwise. You do you Shaniqua!


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